Yes you definitely can!

Our main business is supplying perfume to agents all over South Africa just like you with a huge success rate.

​​Is there any sign-up documents, fees or rules?​​

No, there is NO sign-up documents and NO START UP FEES Whatsoever. You set your own rules and decide your own profit.

​​Why are these perfumes so popular?​​

The perfume sells very fast and easy as its boxed and sealed in the original packaging and 100% look like the original. In an economy like ours, 85% of households need to be careful with what luxuries they can afford for themselves or as gifts for relatives or friends. Most people would rather spend R250 instead of paying the full price of R900 – R2000 in the store per bottle.

​​For what amount can I sell these perfumes for?​​

The market price for this perfume is R250. We supply at R170 specifically so agents like you can decide their own mark-up and income. We recommend selling for R250 excl. courier each (which gives you a profit of R80 per bottle), but it is 100% up to you. We have agents selling these perfumes for up to R400 incl. courier each with huge success (that gives them about R135 profit per bottle if the courier is included in their price), however, it all depends on your marketing strategy and how you sell them. (the higher your price the more aggressive you need to sell). Some of our agents are now making around R10 000 per month profit.

​​How do I get the products to my clients?​​

​Option 1: If your clients live close to you or its family members or friends you can courier the parcel to yourself and you can distribute directly from there.

Option 2: If your clients live in other cities and far away from you we can courier directly to your client so you don’t have those extra costs of sending the parcel to you and then ​from you ​to your client. We don’t add any information or invoices of our company (Scent Me) to parcels. So, your client will never know it didn’t come from you. We also courier every single day (Monday to Friday), so there is no waiting period! If your client just orders 1 perfume or 20 perfumes, we courier to them the very same day if the order is placed and processed before 2 pm. There are no minimum order amounts.

​​How do the payments work?​​

You keep your profit from the very start.
If you sold 5 perfumes to 1 client you quoted them:
5 x R250 plus R95 courier = R1345 (which they paid you)
You then place the order with us and only pay us:
5 x 170 plus R95 courier = R945
So that means *you keep your profit of R400* for that 1 order.

How do I sell this perfume?

  1. Know your product!
  2. Start with friends and family or colleagues and sell to them.
  3. Make use of social media for advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
  4. Make use of advertising websites like (OLX, Gumtree, JunkMail etc.)
  5. Make use of email campaigns. Start sending out your info to contacts you know via email.
  6. WhatsApp. Let everyone know about the new products you have available.
  7. Word of mouth will start working for you the longer your selling.

How do I stay updated with current stock?

Please regularly ask for a stock list before you place orders and just keep checking our website for current stock.