Honesty is the Best Policy – Please note that there is only one shipment coming into South Africa. You might see allot of ads and people selling these perfumes claiming they are either original or only original rejects. *(This is all false information)* It is so easy to mislead someone, as these perfumes are boxed, sealed, barcoded and packaged exactly like the original and not many people know the actual facts about original rejected stock. Just as anything in life, you can’t expect something to be original with such a hugely discounted price. (If it seems too good to be true, it is).

You would also see that these people who are selling them as originals or original rejected stock all claim the same thing, they don’t last as long, a small defect might sometimes appear on some items, it will be boxed and sealed and it’s all mainly imported, that is because; what they are selling are the exact same perfume as these, coming from the same shipment.

If you do just a little research on this subject, you will very quickly learn that original rejected perfume will never come in a box and especially not sealed. If you are ever unsure if someone is ever selling a real original reject, first ask if it comes in a box or not…


100% Original Reject Perfume

  • Will have some defects on bottle/label, caps etc.
  • Liquid inside will be 100% original.
  • The perfumes come without the packaging box.
  • If you see it being advertised as AAA Grade, it’s NOT an original reject.

(Dubai Grade AAA) Branded Perfume

  • 90% The same as Original.
  • Packaging (box & bottle) are the same as the original. It will be boxed and sealed as original.
  • It’s manufactured in Dubai from original ingredients, but less in alcohol and pure ingredients.
  • The smell and look are the same as the original it just doesn’t last as long