Coco Noir Hair Mist is Chanel’s new fragrance product for the enthusiasts of the collection offering a hair mist choice for your beloved perfume. Chanel Coco Noir Hair Mist beautifies your evenings out giving a glowing trace of suspense long-lasting in its fascinating and classy passage.

The formulation of Coco Noir turns the ambiance of oriental nature into a hint of freshness with grapefruit in the opening with the shiny floral heart of jasmine, geranium and May rose when the signature warmth of the final trail emanates its fame with Tonka, vanilla, patchouli and white musk.

Coco Noir Hair Mist your secret weapon of seduction

Captivating femininity with the codes of the designer once more the color of black brings the design of Chanel’s famed declaration into the style of the bottle with its golden decorations and elegant black polish.

Chanel Coco Noir Parfum Pour Les Cheveux – hair mist is the best enhancement to the rest of the products for the Coco Noir collection and will boost the trail of this impressive feminine scent anywhere you go.

Actual item may differ slightly in color and packaging.