Only The Brave Street is a fresh take on what it means to be brave: to start from scratch, to dare, to dream, and to keep on going. To express yourself without limits.
Street culture used to be subculture. But these days the street is all around us: in music, in sports, in fashion.
This fragrance is full of contrasts.
Addictive and unexpected licorice, manly vetiver and strong cedar create an intense woodiness. Powerful as concrete.
Crunchy apple, vibrant basil and juicy bergamot bring a fresh and youthful energy to the scent.
Dynamic and vibrant, it also has a rough and masculine side.
Inspired by what looks like weatherworn, textured concrete, the Only The Brave Street bottle in painted glass is a clenched fist.
As a result of the industrial process, each bottle is unique.
A touch of orange adds to the sense of playfulness and brings energy to the bottle.

Actual item may differ slightly in color and packaging.