Envy Me 2 is a lively, floral bouquet dominated by watery scents of violet and magnolia leaves opening on orange oils . It’s clean, fresh and has a light, powdery essence in the top notes. These lead into heart notes of ottoman rose and the vanilla/almond scent of heliotrope. It will remind you a bit of candied almonds and marzipan with just enough sweetness to make it youthful without being coy. There’s a slight citrus note here that dials back the sweetness with a pop of tartness, but it’s subtle. The base notes of sandalwood and patchouli ground Envy Me 2 in a woodsy, aromatic scent kissed with the warmth of vanilla. It makes a wonderful spring and summer fragrance that’s carefree and fun.

Actual item may differ slightly in color and packaging.